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Wedding Marquees - Marquee to make your special day with the Wow factor - Hire or Buy
Wedding Marquee - Outdoor Marquee to make your day Wow - Hire or Buy
Wedding Marquee - Outdoor Marquee to make your day Wow - Hire or Buy

Rigging for AV and Lighting

Are you rigging up an event?  Are you building expensive self-supporting trusses because typical outdoor structures just can’t support any weight at all?  Is valuable floor-space of your structure being taken up by lighting and AV, not only reducing its usable area but also creating potentially dangerous OH&S hazards due to all of the electrical equipment scattered around the floor?

Well you can give that up right now.  The natural dome design of our structures means that the more weight you add to it, up to 400kg, the stronger it actually gets.

Specific rigging points have been built directly into the frame that allow you to attach trusses, lights, speakers, disco-balls, TV’s, LED screens or anything else you want to.  What does this mean for you? It means that every square inch of floor-space is now yours, none of your valuable AV and electrical equipment is at rick or damage and there are no OH&S hazards as all of your equipment is now raised off the ground and above everyone’s head.

People don’t usually get excited by marquees, so we decided to change things around! Give us a call today.


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